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Facility Optimization As-A-Service is the win-win program to improve the performance and comfort of your facilities and drive money to your bottom line.

Using the capital locked up due to facility and equipment inefficiencies, we upgrade and replace your equipment, automate operations, and utilize advanced analytics technologies to ensure everything is performing optimally 24/7. 

Lower Energy and Operating Costs

  • Utilize savings to pay for equipment upgrades, replacement and smart controls
  • Automate equipment operations and scheduling in order to reduce waste and inefficiencies
  • Realize immediate savings through lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Ensure long-term savings with the ACT Hub platform monitoring your facility and equipment performance 24/7

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Equipment Failures

  • Improve equipment reliability with 24/7 measured system performance monitoring
  • Eliminate 70% + of equipment failures and downtime
  • Prioritize repair and replacement with equipment health and performance KPIs
  • Automate work orders and validate repairs

Improve Employee Productivity and Retention

  • Improve facility comfort and equipment performance leading to happier, more productive employees
  • Automate equipment operations, schedules and reporting of issues allowing employees to focus on core business functions
  • Remotely monitor equipment status and performance to help maintenance teams be more efficient with their time

“The decision to install the ACTuate solutions was one of the easiest I’ve ever made. It’s one of the very few solutions that puts profit on the bottom line that doesn’t require us to drive any behavior changes with our teams. There’s no impact to the team or our guests, it just works. Plus, the ability to see in advance when a piece of equipment needs to be repaired has dramatically improved our ability to respond before it impacts our teams!”

Bryan Robinson

President, Second Gen Inc.

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