A Smart Building Is Smart Business
Put Your Facility in Auto-Savings Mode
Optimized Energy and Equipment Performance

An ACTuated Building is a Smart Building

Energy Savings

25%-35% Energy Savings Sustained Through Continuous Optimization


Transition from Reactive to Proactive with Data Driven Performance Based Maintenance


Dynamic Equipment Schedules Automated and Synced with Facility Operating Schedules and Local Dawn/Dusk

Future Ready

Manage and Optimize EV Charging, Battery Storage, Renewable Energy, Electricfication, Water Reduction, and More

...A Smart Business

We Provide 
ACTuated Savings

Energy Savings

Substantial energy reductions are sustained by continuously optimizing your equipment and facility.

The EDGE ACTuator keeps performance on track by comparing your equipment, facility, and portfolio against daily targets and KPIs.

...A Smart Business

Real Time 
Continuous Facility ACTuation at the Edge


Actuate connects meters, sensors, thermostats, and advanced equipment optimization controllers to the equipment in your facility. The EDGE ACTuator operates as the supervisor.


Each controller is continuously feeding operational data to the on-premises EDGE ACTuator, allowing continuous monitoring of the equipment performance in real time.


Each equipment controller is running advanced algorithms to optimize its operations while simultaneously streaming data to the EDGE ACTuator. Without the need for cloud access, the EDGE ACTuator processes, stores, and analyzes 500,000+ data points every day in real time using advanced AI powered analytics to determine how to best optimize overall facility performance.


The EDGE ACTuator, using real time conditions, external data sources and actual equipment efficiencies, orchestrates the run times, set points, and duty cycles to optimize the overall facility. This minute by minute supervision ensures your equipment and facilities are always operating at peak performance.

An Automated Energy Savings Platform Built for Restaurants

The ACTuation Advantage
  • 25-35% Energy Savings Achieved Through Equipment and Facility Level Optimization
  • Performance Driven Coordination of Mechanical System Duty Cycles, Runtimes, and Operational Schedules
  • Advanced Critical Equipment Alerts to Eliminate False Alarm Fatigue
  • Predictive Maintenance Powered by Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Equipment and Facility Level Performance Tracked Against Targets and KPIs in Real-Time
  • GHG Emissions and ESG Reporting
  • Dynamic Equipment Schedules Automated and Synced with Facility Operating Hours and Local Dawn/Dusk
  • Peak Load Management for Demand Response and Reduction
  • Portfolio Level Performance Benchmarking Across Regions, Facilities, and Equipment
  • Distributed Architecture: Data Processing and Analytics At The Edge and In The Cloud
  • Future-Ready IoT Platform: Manage EV Charging, Battery Storage, Renewable Energy, Electrification, Water Reduction, and More

No CapEx Required – Energy Efficiency As-A-Service

ACTuated Facility As-A-Service

Energy Efficiency As-A-Service 

  • Through the EnergyShare program, ACTuate purchases, installs, and maintains all equipment, providing you with ongoing optimization services.  Your only cost is an ongoing share of your ACTualized Savings.
  • No Risk – Pay for Performance
  • Buyout Options Annually
  • Off Book – No CapEx, No Debt
  • Savings ACTualized Immediately (Retain up to 50%)

Energy Efficiency As-A-Hybrid 

  • You purchase the equipment, retaining utility incentives and tax benefits.¬† Ongoing optimization services are then provided separately as-a-service in exchange for a small percentage of your ACTualized Savings.
  • Maximizes Retained Savings (up to 60%)
  • Incentives and Tax Benefits Retained
  • Short Term Financing Available
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